Our Services


  • Representation
  • Mediation
  • Public relations

We support our clients from prospecting to the realization of their projects by bringing them the maximum proximity to the market. To consolidate these benefits, we thus become in the long term their eyes and their local strength to develop their market share.


  • Welding tasks and metal structures
  • Delivery of equipment and work clothes
  • Civil engineering tasks
  • Electrical tasks
  • Plumbing

Bringing all trades together from construction to rehabilitation, SERVIRIM is an historic, independent and local player, serving its customers, partners and employees. SERVIRIM unites a unique set of skills in the fields of building, civil engineering and specialty trades.


  • Sale of sanitary materials and equipment
  • Painting tasks
  • Installation and equipment

Through interior design, we transform spaces into a place. We imagine, create and plan spaces to generate the ultimate customer experience. Our distinctive approach covers complete interior design services in commercial design, office layout, work environments and multi-family residential complexes.


  • Delivery of Office Supplies
  • Delivery of Furniture and office equipment
  • Maintenance of office equipment

Discover our cheap office supplies to equip you at the best price and work in the best conditions. Explore our different products: office furniture, shredder, binding, envelope, filing, stamp ... SERVIRIM accompanies you in the daily life of your business to write, classify, scan, print and share, with ease.


  • Maintenance of electronic systems
  • Delivery and maintenance of air conditioning equipment
  • Delivery and maintenance of surveillance camera systems

In the electronics and electrical sector, the key to reaching your target markets is the choice of suppliers and trusted partners. We have industry knowledge and market experience to keep you up-to-date with applicable regulatory requirements around the world.


  • Delivery of Computer Hardware
  • IT applications
  • Computer hardware maintenance
  • Printing
  • Repair and maintenance of telephone networks

SERVIRIM supports companies in the transformation of their IT infrastructure, in a secure and connected way. Our team works for you permanently to equip you and maintain your computer and telecom equipment with the objective of securing your data and maximize the productivity and serenity of your employees.


  • Oil equipment and supplies delivery
  • Delivery and maintenance of fire fighting equipment
  • Mechanical maintenance work
  • Restoration

On the basis of the general contract, the company realizes the installation of the deposits with the complete turnkey delivery of all main and secondary technological equipment, the manifold, the industrial and commercial oil metering system, the measuring device and control, fire detection and suppression system, pumping equipment. And many other services.

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